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Seeing is believing

onecycle insights is the business analytics platform for the recycling sector that delivers you a 360° real time view of your company.


Say goodbye to management by gut

Does that sound familiar to you?
We have the perfect solution!

Onecycle has set out to revolutionize the way raw materials trading is done. We have spent years working closely with our partners and customers to develop a unique system that is perfectly tailored to the raw materials industry and solves the real problems raw materials traders face.


By pairing our expertise in process innovation and digital product development with the decades of experience of our customer base, onecycle creates a unique work experience that gives raw materials traders the tools to realize their full potential and transform their business.

Lauritz Fenselau

Head of Product at onecycle


3 steps to unlock your full potential in
raw materials trading


Status Quo Analysis

In the initial meeting we analyze the status quo of your business processes, see where they could be enhanced and possibly define a rollout plan to achieve the specific goals for your business.



In order to guarantee a smooth transition during ongoing day-to-day business, a gradual transition of the individual process sections to onecycle takes place. Especially in larger organizations, this gives employees the time to adjust to the new process without additional stress.


Unleashing potential

Onecycle adapts with you to the new challenges of the market and changes in the workplace. Onecycle not only stays up to date with regulatory changes, but is also constantly being further developed with new features to support your business even better.

Full focus on the
productive work - driving sales!



More sales with less effort

Process your orders much faster and more efficiently with onecycle. Avoid errors before they happen with intuitive inputs, intelligent system checks, and automated workflows.

Increased profits through insightful analytics

Know at any time, with just a few clicks, where your business stands and which employee is performing how. Evaluate your results according to customers, turnover, material, margin and numerous other important KPIs to make the right decisions in time.

No hassles – more free time

Focus your freed-up resources on your actual business instead of formalities thanks to onecycle.

Better team moral through productive work

Onecycle links the individual departments and task areas into a well-run process.


Unlock your full trading potential 

Book a free and non-binding initial consultation now, in which we look at the current status.

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